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A Future of Bad Men: A Melvins Tribute Is Streaming In Full At Dying Scene

Black Donut Records has teamed up with Dying Scene to stream the entirety of A Future of Bad Men: A Melvins Tribute. The album is set to be released on October 7th, 2022 on vinyl and digitally.

Black Donut Records announce a tribute compilation album to the MELVINS releasing on October 7th. Bringing together an array of underground acts from OLDE and BONDBREAKR to BOVINE NIGHTMARES and TRIGGER CUT, A Future of Bad Men: a Melvins Tribute is a powerful offering.

Kicking off with GRIZZLOR's raucous reimagining of “Oven”, the album gets off to a high-powered start. All of the bands bring ferocious energy in their own styles, adapting and entwining their unique elements to fuse with MELVINS' original compositions. NIGHT GOAT unleashes a dark sound through “Antioxidote” giving it hell with wild thrashing instrumentation, while DOCTOR MONSTER delivers swinging blues-rock elements in their fierce cover of “Night Goat”. Sheer fuzz-fuelled chaos manifests in OLDE's track “Hooch” with epic guitars giving a thunderous impact. TRIGGER CUT unveil a dynamic approach emphasising the ebbs and flows of “Lizzy”, before FRACK delves into the hard-hitting “Revolve”. BOVINE NIGHTMARES' “The Bit” introduces a progressive edge. Soaring elements contrast the distorted heaviness in a wealth of instrumental and vocal textures. Followed by WORK PARTY's compelling performance of “Skin Horse”, it's a thrilling and perhaps somewhat unexpected track to feature in the album's penultimate position. BONDBREAKR, last but by no means least, conclude A Future of Bad Men: a Melvins Tribute with a fiery onslaught of riffs, guitar licks and a moody atmosphere.

About Black Donut Records:

Black Donut Records, “a micro label for the odd, the heavy, the noisy” was launched in 2021 by Morey Straus to promote rising underground bands he had come across on social media and Bandcamp. The debut release on the label was World Without End: a Tribute to Samhain. Straus runs the label from his sofa on the weekends with shipping assistance from his two children. His day job pays the bills, so he is able to focus the label on passions, not margins. The fledgling label has since signed the Pennsylvania avant-metal act BOVINE NIGHTMARES for their 2023 debut album. In between those two releases, Black Donut is publishing another tribute compilation; this time a love letter to the godfathers of grunge, MELVINS. Featuring an array of heavy bands spanning genres from noise rock to doom, each provides a unique take that will have MELVINS' fans falling in love with these classics all over again.

A Future of Bad Men: a Melvins Tribute track list:

1. GRIZZLOR - “Oven” 2. NIGHT GOAT - “Antioxidote” 3. DOCTOR MONSTER - “Night Goat” 4. OLDE - “Hooch” 5. TRIGGER CUT - “Lizzy” 6. FRACK - “Revolve” 7.BONVINE NIGHTMARES - “The Bit” 8. WORK PARTY - “Skin Horse” 9. BONDBREAKR - “Bride of Crankenstein” Features Jeff Pinkus (ex-Melvins, Butthole Surfers)

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