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Alt Punk Newcomers BATTERY ACID release second single "Disposable"!

British south west five piece alt punk newcomers 'BATTERY ACID' drop their second powerful single "Disposable".

"The song is a powerful expression of inner turmoil and self-criticism. The lyrics depict the frustration of a person who is unable to confront their own issues so instead resorts to distancing themselves. Leaving them feeling ‘Disposable’, an extended metaphor present throughout the song." - says front women Adele.

Battery Acid are an all female 5 piece alt punk rock band from the south west. Starting their band under a year ago they have gone on to win two battle of the bands competitions gaining them large amounts of attraction in the local and wider area. Their debut self titled single 'Battery Acid' encompasses their unique sound of grungy guitar tones combined with folk inspired haunting melody lines. Taking inspiration from punk, rock and folk music Battery Acid aim to put their own spin on the genre.

"Battery Acid have already made huge gains in only the first twelve months of their career. They have a sound reminiscent of 'Joan Jett, The Ramones, The Breeders and hints of Elastica'. I'm looking forward to seeing their career grow!" - Nikki Smash






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