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Architects release huge new single 'Seeing Red' and it's immense!

The incredible Architects are back with another anthem 'Seeing Red'.

"This is the perfect balance between aggressive modern British metal and anthemic melodic stadium rock. Carter is serving up some of the best vocals I've ever heard from him, perfect pitch screaming whilst also given us superior grit singing. Take a bow Mr Carter this is sublime." - Nikki Smash

The production work on this track is some of the best and in a world where it always seems like everyone is cutting corners this isn't the case with 'Seeing Red'. The attention and care to every detail is stunning and beautifully compliments the outstanding songwriting for the lads. The stop start cuts in the bridge with a clever mix and variety of vocals and thick wall of guitars takes away any predictability and I love the choir sections adding textures, first class. It's also worth noting Dan Searle's drumming, technical whilst also keeping things tight and in the nice pocket and some really tasteful moments from fills to cymbal catches, killer playing.

Do not miss the lads on tour Jan 24 and get your tickets now!

Watch the incapsulating video for 'Seeing Red' now.

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