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Awesome (not so much) Merchandise

Awesome (not so much) Merchandise cuts out investors in deal to avoid liquidation.

A struggling music and events industry during the big "P" word has laid way to a domino effect of gigs and tours being cancelled, venues closing down and much more. And now, Awesome Merchandise has fallen victim, or has it? Enter the Print.Inc Group Ltd, newly established and owned by Luke Hodson, of which Awesome Merchandise was sold on to immediately after going into administration on Wednesday. Hodson being the founder of Awesome Merch back in 2009.

It's hard to remember sometimes that there are many subsidiaries involved in this industry, such as the breweries serving your pints in plastic cups (no glass on the dancefloor please), the endless amounts of promoters and media outlets that thrive (almost) off the back of the events and one of the biggest contributors and let's face it, money-makers (when venues aren't stripping the bands of whatever the hell percentage they insist) .... MERCH!

What happens when a community and industry backed business of investors, seemingly slip under the radar and avoid total liquidation by selling the business (lawfully, I may add) back to the original founder, under a new company name that ultimately skips the return of investment that those wilful people gladly paid in to via Crowdcube?

Yes, yes. The success of Awesome Merchandise, the quality of its products and the jobs it provides are absolutely worth saving. But was it right to do so by not withholding the promise for a successful exit or ROI? We are assured the transaction will ensure business continuity for its customers.

It’s rumoured that the 1,064 investors - many of which are industry partners, artists and collaborators - who previously raised £654,000 are staging a public protest. However, their protest signs will not be printed using Awesome Merchandise.

As it all unfolds, we would love to hear from any bands or music industry associates if you've been affected!

By Natalie Taylor

Illustration by Andy Meanock

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1 Comment

Danielle Millington-Peck
Danielle Millington-Peck
Oct 01, 2022

Take a look at the Google reviews. They have been accepting customers orders knowing they were going out of business. They owe thousand and thousands of pounds to customers for products they haven’t delivered. absolutely shocking

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