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Ayron Jones delivers huge chunky new track 'Filthy'

Filthy is the latest single from musical chameleon Ayron Jones and sees him deliver a grungy C# monster of a song, probably more akin to his Seattle roots than his previous tracks.

From the opening few bars, you just know that this one is going to be as dark as hell - heavy breathing and synthesisers tease you to Ayron singing the first verse before the drums and guitar kick in for the second verse and the onslaught commences. Cleverly, the music drops just as Aryon delivers the stinging line of the title 'They call me Filthy', and your left with a wonderful punch in the track, before the guitars and drums kick in once more.

The song progresses as Ayron continues to deliver the lyrics in a relaxed, semi-rap style that just oozes class. Funky guitar and pads join the scene for a moment to add a bit of variation and then we're back into the crushing tones.

It's as catchy as Covid on the London underground and is relentless as the modulated sound drives home a song which is exceptionally well produced with fades, brief pauses and cheeky swells in all the right places.

It's a tune which moves him in the right direction out of the safe NWOCR scene and into fresh waters. Hopefully we'll see more tracks on the horizon in this style with an album following up Child Of The State.

It's his best track yet and we hope to catch him on tour soon.

by Duncan Tyler

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