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Brighton based super group 'Every Hell' have us 'Freaking Out' over their debut release & video!

Brighton based 4 piece Doom-Pop super group 'Every Hell' have given us a killer energetic, frantic music video for debut single 'Freaking Out'.

Photo Credit: Jessie Morgan

Made up from ex members of 'Broker', 'Black Peaks'. 'Every Hell' are:

Will Gardner - Vocals & Sax

Evelyn May - Guitars

Andrew Gosden - Bass

Mark Roberts - Drums

Described as 'Doom-Pop', Every Hell truly deliver exactly that. Musicianship is world class, combined by catchy hooks and Gardner's signature vocal style and ability with added sax goodness. Brilliant playing and riffs coming in from May & Gosden, backed up by one of the UK's most in demand rock producers and mixers and an incredible musician Mark Roberts smashes the crap out of the drums, nice big sound and tasty fills.

"When I saw these guys had formed a band I knew it was going to be killer, great playing, production but I wasn't expecting just how good this really is. Every Hell deliver everything I didn't realise I was missing from rock n roll!" - Nikki Smash

Watch 'Freaking Out'

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We've also made 'Every Hell Freaking Out' our track of the week!:

We've added their debut to our Spotify playlist:

Photo Credit: Jessie Morgan

By Nikki Smash

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