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Bristol based four-piece alt rock grunge band PEACH have drop their debut self-titled album on 30th

PEACH self-titled debut record

Bristol based four-piece alt rock grunge band PEACH have drop their debut self-titled album on 30th Sept.

"I can tell you right now that this is a work of art and huge contender for one of the best records of the year." - Nikki Smash

Influenced by the desert rock revolution and grunge movement of the late 80's and early 90's, think early PJ Harvey, Kyuss, The Desert Sessions, Mondo Generator - it's fuzzy, visceral, dirty, melodic, and organic. PEACH have absolutely captured the exact feeling and vibe of that era in this 9 song stunner. The production is perfect for this genre and the playing and vocals are terrific no matter where I play this record - headphones, car, home sound system, I hear a different perspective each time I play it and it’s mixed with such care that I feel like I’m strapped to an old 70's armchair with a pair of motorcycle goggles on being blasted with a gargantuan sonic masterpiece.

The record opens with ‘Dread’ and hooks you straight away with tight and precise tom work from Andy Sutor - this guy can really play. As a musician myself, I've encountered thousands of performers and you know a killer player when you hear one. We are then greeted with the gnarliest guitar tone I’ve heard in a while - it’s disgusting and glorious, just a mountain of fuzz and spite. The 'Bleach' Cobain style guitars are spot on, not trying to become the centre piece and supported by thoughtful playing, giving each instrument time and space which is a constant theme throughout this record and is another sign of wonderful musicianship from them.

‘Dread’ slides straight into ‘Care’ and the pace picks up slightly. The darkness of this record is starting to become very apparent as Ellie Godwin spits vocals and lyrics like a wolf with rabies - just superb. Then before it’s over we are hit with some sludge-time riffage which I’m always going to champion.

Next up is ‘Already There’ - the chorus is huge and keeps with the broody theme of an onslaught with sonic proficiency. This track is intense, the fuzz box sending the guitars into an uncontrollable state - it's a pure delight and just keep adding more and more to the vibe.

There is a sense of a strong story throughout this record; it’s angry but not for angry’s sake. It’s loud but not fatiguing on your ears - you can enjoy this record cranked up or happily listen to it at a low volume and that is a great attribute to take note of especially in today's world of overproduction.

‘Losing Sleep’ is a track I can really relate to and marks a change in the tone of the record as we start to unfold Godwin's story and character and it’s not for the weak. This is a strong woman who’s been through ‘it’. The album is bold and brave and this is brilliantly made as it slides into track 5 ‘Long Mover’. The tension is so powerful and it’s delivered with a welcoming PJ Harvy inspired softer approach before more sonic power is delivered up from the mighty duo of Jean-Paul & Tim Cooke.

‘Bad Touch’ is not messing around and Godwin is presenting a clear story and at times it’s uncomfortable to hear and that’s the point, the story isn’t pleasant and listening to it shouldn’t be either but you have to smuther yourself in this, it’s important for PEACH to present songs like this and it’s important to go with the flow and the ride. This ties so well into my favourite track of the record ‘I’m Scared’ and the writing of this album is just so cleverly put together that it adds to the killer musicianship and creatively of this band.

The vocals, lyrics, and performance from Godwin in ‘I’m Scared’ is incredible, it’s so intimate in places the emotion is incredibly powerful. ‘Settle Down’ again gives you some sonic respite and a completely different feel from the rest of the record but it’s still so well written that the feel as if it could erupt at any moment into a barrage of fuzzy guitars loud vocals and skin splitting drums - it's such a rollercoaster of a ride. This is a different track; the slow and misleading build is seemingly a personal interpretation of Godwin's lyrics and emotion and the instrumentation is so well put together. The trumpets, pianos more guitars and intense lyrics caught me off guard and left me with my heart beating and emotional. We are now at the precipice of this record; sonically, emotionally, creatively and instrumentally. You’re left with ‘Thousand Hands’ which completes the story and leaves you surrounded in noise, surround in spoken word from Godwin - she sounds like she’s been reliving the story as she has told it.

This record is not for the faint-hearted. In my opinion, when artists have the balls to make records like this it's incredibly rare because they’re creatively free from anyone, everyone and everything. Godwin and PEACH have opened their hearts, minds, fears and lives to us on this dark sonic journey and have the most respect and admiration for sharing it with us.

Please go and listen to this record, but make sure your first listen is from start to finish, without interruption. Just because a record like this is dark, noisy, fuzzy and loud doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful.

Nikki Smash

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