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BUSTED release Greatest Hits 2.0 album, Including brand new single Good One.

You Me At Six, All Time Low, and even the Jonas Brothers make an appearance on a nostalgic greatest hits album like no other.

All in honour of their 20th Anniversary the band are currently in the middle of their massive arena tour around the UK and Ireland. As if that wasn't enough they've come out with a whopper greatest hits Album with features from much loved artists in the pop punk/rock scene.

After years of fandom feuds over who sang Year 3000 best, Busted or The Jonas Brothers there is finally a version with both bands! Similarly, bridging the once divided Busted and McFly fandoms there is a collaborative version of Thunderbirds Are Go. The album also sees Busted teaming up with You Me At Six for AirHostess 2.0 and Simple Plan on Loser Kid 2.0.

Busted's Greatest Hits 2.0 will also consist of re-released versions of their most popular tracks without their featured collaborators AND their brand new single Good One.

Busted are on their 20th Anniversary tour right now with limited tickets still available.

Full Track List and Features can be found below:

1. Year 3000 2.0 (Feat. Jonas Brothers)

2. Loser Kid 2.0 (Feat. Simple Plan)

3. 3AM 2.0 (Feat. James Arthur)

4. Crashed The Wedding 2.0 (Feat. All Time Low)

5. Meet You There 2.0 (Feat. Neck Deep)

6. Air Hostess 2.0 (Feat. You Me At Six)

7. Everything I Knew 2.0 (Feat. Dashboard Confessional)

8. What I Go To School For 2.0 (Feat. The Vamps)

9. Sleeping With The Light On 2.0 (Feat. Deaf Havana)

10. MMMBop 2.0 (Feat. Hanson)

11. You Said No 2.0 (Feat. Charlotte Sands)

12. Thunderbirds Are Go 2.0 (Feat. McFly)

13. She Wants To Be Me (Feat. Bowling For Soup)

14. Who’s David 2.0 (Feat. Wheatus)

15. Year 3000 (Hits Version)

16. Loser Kid (Hits Version)

17. Good One

18. 3AM (Hits Version)

19. What I Go To School For (Hits Version)

20. Crashed The Wedding (Hits Version)

21. You Said No (Hits Version)

22. Sleeping With the Light On (Hits Version)

23. Air Hostess (Hits Version)

24. Thunderbirds Are Go (Hits Version)

25. Who's David (Hits Version)

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