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Dea Matrona – The Caves – Edinburgh 15/02/2023

Dea Matrona – The Caves – Edinburgh 15/02/2023

Another night in the capital city of Scotland for Riff Yard Media and this time it’s to see Dea Matrona (which translates to “divine mother goddess” in Celtic) A young duo from Ireland comprised of schoolmates Mollie McGinn and Orlaith Forsythe. Combing the swagger of Joan Jett, and the tones of Debby Harry and giving that a firm shake of Led Zeppelin before adding their own take on southern blues, the ladies are something just that little bit different. They don’t just play kick-ass rock n blues but they’re not afraid to go acoustic for a couple of numbers which they normally don’t do during an electric set. So, for Glory, Glory (I Am Free) and Homeward Bound (Simon & Garfunkel) to be thrown in straight after Just Wanna Rock was a total curveball and very well received. The Edinburgh crowd (who to be honest had no idea who they were) were a little less responsive to start with but in no time at all these ladies had the audience eating out of the palm of their hands. They were only on stage for 40 minutes, but what an incredible 40 minutes. I’m a convert of the divine mother goddess and picked up their 12” singles from the merch stand. It was lovely to see that their wares were selling well for such an unknown act after their set. Fingers crossed there was enough to put some fuel into the van for the next stop so the next town can experience the slpendifery of Dea Matrona. Check out their current single HERE And keep an eye out for Dea Mantrona news HERE as they’ll be back for a headline tour later in the year

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