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Georgia Train release magnificent new record 'Puncture' out now!

Photo Credit: Scott Chalmers:

Songwriter extrodaniare genius Georgia Train has released the magnificent new record 'Puncture'. A brilliant masterclass in songwriting, vocals, lyrics and instrumentation.

PUNCTURE in it's visual presentation is a brighter more striking appearance but don't let foul you into thinking there isn't the classic G.T dark undertone because.... it's definitely there!

The production feels different to me with this chapter of Georgias career while maintaining that dark lyrical dark prowess we've all come to love, adore and connect with, it's presented (much like the visual artwork and photos) with a wider sonic range things are bigger, bombastic rhythmic feel while retaining the signature unpredictability in the songwriting within the production.

Tracks like 'Roe' are not beating around the bush and G.T is lyrics are from the heart she wears them proudly on her sleeve.

"I was appalled by the overturning or Roe v Wade last year and being pregnant at the time following a struggle to get there made the overturning all the more poignant. I couldn’t NOT write a song about it." says Georgia.

My favourite track is 'Animal Clad' it is a stunning vocal performance from Georgia, such control and feel. The delivery of the lyrics with the melody encompass all the signature G.T idiosyncrasies you've come to love with the Bitter Ruin unpredictability but without repeating anything you've heard before. It's quite the task to be able to pull this off and of course Train does this with exceptional brilliance. 'Animal Clad' is a complete track, tempo changes, complex and detailed vocal parts but still incredibly melodic, stunning musicianship.

'Got A Lot To Lose' is another highlight for me on this record again with a different flavour to the pot and something I wasn't expecting. I love the edginess of this track in fact it reminds me a little of some things 'The Cars' would produce but with a darker tone.

'Eat Your Meat' is one of the darkest songs tonally on the record. It has some of the finest production and listening on a good system and headphones is a must the details hiding within are pure magic. You're meet with a Tori Amos style piano and vocal with hints of Madonna Frozen and the rambunctious nature of Bjork. Stunning.

World class musicianship from players such as ex-Placebo drummer Steve Hewitt who is playing drums across this record, with is worth noting as that's the calibre of musician someone like Train attracts.

"It's safe to say that Georgia Train has produced another outstanding piece of art with 'Puncture' and this really is true art. It's so authentic and beautifully constructed the whole record takes you on a journey with its clever and subtle juxtaposition of shop front bright colours and polished production but with dark lyrical themes, stories and undertones. This is a true work of art and an outstanding music piece it is." - Nikki Smash

Full Track listing:

  1. Eat Your Meat

  2. Victoria

  3. Gota A Lot To lose

  4. Animal Clad

  5. Don't Save Me Now

  6. Those Were The Days

  7. Roe

  8. Haven't Got The Heart

  9. You Might Never Feel The Same

  10. Pay Phone

  11. Wake Me When

  12. All I Know

We've been featuring Georgia on our podcast radio show 'Riff Yard Radio' which you can catch up with here.

You can purchase via patreon, band camp for signed hard copies of the record here.

Connect with Georgia Train:

By Nikki Smash


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