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Godsmack O2 Academy Glasgow 8th October 2022

It’s been 21 years since Godsmack have played Glasgow. So RYM thought it was perfect time to send someone to cover it. I drew the short straw.

The Raven Age were the support group who I had absolutely no idea about. I’d heard the name but they never appeared on any of my playlists. Hopefully it’ll stay that way. Although the band were sonically good, their vocalist is a letdown. His tone is amazingly awful. I think the sound guy was thinking the same as the rest of us as he did an excellent job of keeping the vocals buried enough to make them undiscernible to the audience and myself. Well played sir.

Godsmack took to the stage at around 9pm with a quick Mix Master Mike (of Beastie Boy Fame) video replacing the old-fashioned intro tape. Opening with the title track of their last album When Angels Rise, they were off to a pretty good start.

Sully was genuinely embarrassed when he discovered that the audience was 99% full of fans who had never seen them after discovering that they hadn’t played in Glasgow for 21 years. But urged audience members to tell their friends etc so they could hopefully come back to a larger venue and bring the full on rock show experience.

Sully also addressed the recent Paris show with “We’ve been in Glasgow a couple of days & it’s been nice. I caught a bit of a cold & had to cancel Paris. Boo fuckin Hoo. They don’t like us anyway the French so probably for the best”

With a new album being released in 2023 (and if what is being said from the Godsmack Camp true, their last) there were no teasers from it.

Their performance was only marred by the odd technical error (mics not being unmuted for songs, guitar amps breaking etc) which made Sully and the boys play harder.

The issue was addressed by Sully to the audience straight after an atrocious version of VooDoo (duff notes aplenty caused by amps failing). But this is what happens when a rock n roll show is live, the band play all their own instruments and are not supported by tapes. Makes a change in this day and age. It may be frustrating for the band to not deliver a top notch show, but who wants to watch a live show sound like the studio album?

I digress. There were stella versions of I Stand Aloneand of course Whatever but the inclusion of the Joe Walsh classicRocky Mountain Way just for shits and giggles was tremendous. It’s quite possibly one of the best versions I’ve heard of that track live.

Under Your Scars was a solo piano performance by Sully. Such a beautiful track and the sentiment with which it’s given makes it tear-jerking. You should check out the foundation Godsmack have set up at this link

Despite not playing Glasgow in 2 decades, the crowd gave it their all and so did the band.

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