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Have a Cuppa Tea with The Kinks!

Have a Cuppa Tea with The Kinks!

Muswell Hillbillies / Everybody’s In Show-Biz - Everybody’s A Star

50th anniversary, combined deluxe reissues of these two classic Kinks albums Out Now

To celebrate the 50th anniversary combined release of albums 'Muswell Hillbillies' & 'Everybody's In Show-Biz', The Kinks have launched a brand new, digital tea timer to help you make the perfect cuppa.

An affectionate nod to an enduring fan-favourite track (‘Have A Cuppa Tea’ from Muswell Hillbillies), the timer lets you select your desired strength from an array of options and will play a Kinks track (from the Muswell Hillbillies/Everybody’s In Show Biz albums) of appropriate length whilst your tea steeps.

One dazzling pop-song later and your cup of Rosie is ready.

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