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I AM THE INTIMIDATOR Announces NASCAR-Influenced Thrash Metal Album, "Gasoline" Out Now

I AM THE INTIMIDATOR Announces NASCAR-Influenced Thrash Metal Album, "Gasoline" Out Now

Devised as a means to celebrate the life and achievements of NASCAR racing driver Dale Earnhardt (1951-2001), the new project I AM THE INTIMIDATOR, from Andrew Stromstad, presents a full-throttle, high-speed thrash metal offering. I Am The Intimidator will be released on March 8th, 2024, via Miserable Pyre. The first single "Gasoline" is now available to stream and and download. 

I AM THE INTIMIDATOR mastermind Andrew Stromstad comments on the album: 

"I grew up worshipping NASCAR. there was a fire meme about Dale Earnhardt that said 'turn left for mediocrity, turn right for immortality' and it stuck with me forever. 
Originally I set out to make something humorous in nature, but then I watched a few Dale Earnhardt documentaries and found myself as the butt of the joke instead. There was a reason why he was revered and worshipped. He was a man of the people. He defied odds. He destroyed barriers. His ego was not indicative of his influence. He was as real as anyone can come. Once I came to that understanding, it was no longer a joke, it was a tribute to one of the greatest men to ever walk and roll this earth: Dale Earnhardt. And I hope passer-bys understand this outpouring of love."

I AM THE INTIMIDATOR explores a fantasy-based reimagining detailing the final day of Dale Earnhardt's life. Earnhardt died while competing in the 2001 Daytona 500, and ultimately led to changes in safety measures in NASCAR racing. The album's instrumental opener "No Regrets", sets the scene with upbeat rhythms and fast riffs emulating the hype of the sport. "Gasoline" builds on the sense of anticipation with high-octane guitars and powerful vocals, while "Eat My Smoke" shifts gear into steadfast instrumental driving rhythms placing the focus on fierce harsh vocals and soaring cleans. A dynamic offering is found in the title track, "I Am The Intimidator". Racing speed and ferocious vocals fuels the fire of this track, showcasing the competitive desire to make it over the finish line and take the win. The dark and somber mood of "I Am Here...Now" and commanding concluding track  "Crying From The Abyss" bring the album to a close in tragedy. However, I AM THE INTIMIDATOR ends this story with a bang celebrating the legacy of Dale Earnhardt's life. 

Pre-order I Am The Intimidator on CD, Cassette and as a digital download:


Andrew Stromstad (BOX, NECROVESCENT RUINER, ATRIARCH, POISON IDEA) - All Music Written/Performed/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at Miserable Pyre In Kenton, North Portland, Oregon.

Live band
Braden Boardman - Guitar
Lucas Salazar - Guitar
Devonte Calvin - Bass

Cody Pulliam- Drums
TikTok - Miserable Pyre:
Instagram - Andrew Stromstad:
YouTube - Andrew Stromstad:
Instagram - Miserable Pyre:

Track Listing: 
  1. No Regrets

  2. Gasoline 

  3. Eat My Smoke  

  4. I Am The Intimidator

  5. I Am Here...Now

  6. Crying From The Abyss

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