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CORE OF iO return to the fold with their blistering new EP, Part I: iO, which lands on Friday 8th September. The highly absorbing rock crew have also unleashed their tantalising new single and video, Done -

Taking from the offerings of prog heavyweights and edgy alt rock pioneers like Karnivool and Tool, through to The Mars Volta, Fall of Troy and Sikth, CORE OF iO deliver a unique brand of heavy rock that leans on elements of mathcore, prog and tech metal. With a sound that boasts captivating vocals lines with intricate guitar work phrased by woven and ultra-engaging structures, CORE OF iO have already received widespread media praise from Metal Hammer, Kerrang! Radio, Kerrang!, and BBC Radio, and with their simply stunning new EP, Part I: iO, now set for launch, nothing can stop their imminent rise.

Hailing from Sussex, England, and born at the tail of 2012, CORE OF iO were formed with a common goal to create music that is both challenging and enjoyable to listen to. The mesmerising four-piece have certainly fulfilled their early manifesto. Fun and energetic live performances, as well a fresh approach to making music, have enabled the band to play a slew of festivals including UK Tech Fest and Mammothfest, as well as playing alongside the likes of Thank You Scientist, Agent Fresco, Black Peaks and Rosetta.

Since 2014, CORE OF iO have embarked on a series of four successful EP releases (starting with Part IV). Now with a renewed focus on continuing their collective drive to develop both musically and technically, their new release, Part I: iO, builds on all of the key components of their previous releases and packs the biggest punch yet, which makes for an exciting finale to the series. Vocals and rhythm guitar Bob Tett remarks about the record: “The songs in Part I: iO were written at a time when I had just been through a life changing personal experience. Having my lyric book to hand helped me through the most difficult period mentally in my life. The result is five songs: two positive, two negative, and a fifth track that touches on how I’m currently still struggling in retrospect.”

With further festival appearances and live performances on the way through the remainder of 2023, this year is sure to be a colossal one for these progressive rockers.

‘Part I: iO EP track listing: 1. Done; 2. Things I Should Have Said; 3. Four Years Later; 4. You Got This; 5. Leave.

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