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Instrumental Metal Band 'THIS IS THE LAST TIME' are Releasing their Acclimation Debut November 18

U.S. Instrumental Metal band THIS IS THE LAST TIME will release debut album Acclimation November 18 on digital and vinyl formats. The vinyl LP version will be available from the band, as well as through Here is Nowhere Records, Dead Red Queen Records, and Drown Within Records.

A music video for the album's title track, “Acclimation,” further expands the visual concepts laid out in the album art and was created using both found footage and video shot by Notsch. Check it out at:

"Acclimation" is also available on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Acclimation is a sweeping instrumental album that spans the genre and further, nodding to the likes of bands as varied as ISIS, Year Of No Light, In Flames, BTBAM, Gorguts and Pelican. The band worked tirelessly to create an instrumental album crafted specifically to circumvent the need for a vocal performance and create music that is just as creative and catchy as anything with words. Notsch describes the album as a pop-metal album because of the sweeping melodies and many major-scale/uplifting parts. “We were in the height of lockdown in NYC, there was the sound of ambulances non stop for two months straight despite not a seeing a soul on the street, I wanted to create a sense of optimism in the middle of the darkness. Acclimation seeks to build that optimism and adapt to the current state of the world. We intended to write a feel good / strolling on a beautiful summer day album, but with a ton of blast beats.”

Formed during the initial Covid lockdown of 2020 and written and recorded remotely between NYC and the Midwest, THIS IS THE LAST TIME features past and current members of Sunless, Orwell, Iron Thrones and Poney. Head songwriter, guitarist and visual director Andrew Notsch (ex-Sunless, current: Manipulator) initiated the project and recruited Tim Bradley (ex-Orwell) for guitar and writing/arrangement. Bass was supplied by Tyler Spatz (Poney) who rounded out the low end.

Drum programming was handled by Taylor Hamel (Sunless) and polished by Adam Tucker of Signaturetone Recording who compiled the individual recordings and produced the album. Additional guitar accompaniments and atmospherics were contributed by Steve Henningsgard (Iron Thrones). Additional synth parts were performed by both Spatz and Notsch.

“Visually, we wanted to mirror the concept of the album by creating visuals that were both slightly spooky, but encouraging. A rainbow cloud moving through a dark forest was both a nod to our metal influences and also

something more uplifting.“

Thinking of themselves more as a collective of musicians than a band, the group is already working on new material and has plans to release music on a semi-regular basis.

Pre-order / Pre-save:

Track Listing:

1. I - Acclimation

2. II - Turing Test Results

3. III - Ipanema Blue

4. IIII - Small Framed Deliberate Fast Simple Feelings

Album Credits:

All tracks recorded individually at Home

Produced / Mixed / Mastered By Adam Tucker

Art / Layout by Andrew Notsch (Hollowdusk)

Logo by Christophe Szpajdel


Andrew Notsch - Guitar / Synth

Tim Bradley - Guitar

Tyler Spatz - Bass / Synth

Taylor Hamel - Drum Programming

Steven Henningsgard - Guitar / Synth

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