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Joe Appleford drops new single 'Linger' ahead of headline show at Blondies in London 30th May

Joe Appleford and his band 'The Lone Wolves' drop brand new single 'Linger' ahead of their headline show at Blondies in London 30th May with support from Riff Yard favs 'The Strayers'.

It's going to be a night of sweaty dirty riffs isn't it?! Excellent!

Linger is a grove based dance riff hybrid and a really nice natural progression through Joe's songwriting. Taking sonic influences from 90's grove dance back beats and 00's phat riffs to 80's synth electronics. What I like about this amalgamation of sonics and writing is Joe is able to make the transitions work really well. In fact there are so many possible influences for this track while keeping a clear identity is something I applaud. Joe is confidence enough in himself as a musician that he's stable in his musical beliefs and isn't following any trends this is aided with some of the interesting production mix notes going in.

Joe Appleford has firmly found his footing with 'Linger' and with the headline show at the end of May the rest of 2024 looks like an exciting undertaking. I'm excited for Joe and I wasn't sure if we were ever going to get more solo material from him but one of the best surprises of 2024 is that the man is far from done. DO NOT miss this headline show at Blondies in London 30th May. Joe is in support from The Strayers and for a few quid you'd be a mug not to attend this!

connect with Joe Appleford & The Lone Wolves here:

By Nikki Smash

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James Samuel
James Samuel
Apr 25

I do very well like you music

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