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Light Grey Release New Single, Famous

Hailing from Galway, the Pop-punk band Light Grey have dropped a new single, Famous to cap off a summer of bangers!

Any fan of Waterparks will be a fan of these Irish up and comers. Light Grey have an experimental take on pop punk. They aren't afraid to have fun with their music and visuals, which truly express their exuberant creativity.

Photo Credit: @nvrmntcom

Their new single Famous has a a vivacious energy, bordering on addictive leaving the listener wanting more. All the while remaining true to the pop-punk archetypes, masking lyrics of serious and

complicated life scenarios with bubbly melodies.

"Drawing inspiration from a deeply personal experience, 'Famous' delves into the complex realm of manipulation and toxic relationships. The track narrates the journey of breaking free from those who offer "fake love" with ulterior motives, emphasizing the importance of self-worth and fostering genuine connections with those who truly matter. Light Grey's music is an anthem of empowerment, resonating with listeners who have faced similar challenges."

Famous is a taster of what's to be expected on their EP due for release later this year. The upcoming addition to their discography is sure to be some of their best music to date.

The band were formed in 2017, launching themselves onto the alternative music scene with their debut EP Beginners Luck. Influences from Emo, Hip-Hop and Pop-Punk genres can be heard across their music. They have attributed their influences to the likes of Blink-182 and Waterparks. Light Grey have proven they are unafraid to explore serious issues such as toxic relationships, heavy emotions and points of contention they have experienced.

Famous is available to stream now on Spotify, Apple Music and all other streaming platforms.


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