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Mutes announce new single ‘Televangelist’ taken from upcoming fourth album.

Birmingham based post-punk band Mutes have announced a new single 'Televangelist', due for release on the 16th of February. The band's last single 'Mere Slaughter' has been celebrated by the likes of RTE, Louder Than War Radio, Noizze and Hardbeat Magazine.

The three members of Mutes are standing in a field of sunflowers

The new track explores themes of Catholic guilt and a journey to overcoming it. Playing on the idea that there are only two paths, righteousness, with Christ as your saviour. Or the path to Satan, full of sin and debauchery where your soul can never be saved.

Offering some insight into the lyrics of the song, the band have stated:

"Theological projections of an irresolute agnostic; torn between clinging to the assuaging hand of statism and laying waste to internalised idolatry. Catholic guilt is one hell of a trip"

The new single title 'televangelist' and band name Mutes is text confront of flames. The t in televangelist is a cross

The song closes with the line "I'd take Christ for company, if only he'd take me". Christ is continuously portrayed as a man full of forgiveness, kindness and acceptance. The Irony in Catholic guilt is that it suggests he is cold, if you differ or question his path you're lost. It is always positive to see bands create music around topics that may resonate with people, and help them explore their own opinions and experiences.

Mutes are due to release their fourth studio album 'Buried Where You Stand' on the 17th of May. Could this track perhaps hint at themes the album will be exploring more in depth? Make sure to stream 'Televangelist' from the 16th of February until then check out their latest single 'Mere Slaughter' wherever you listen to music.

You can keep an eye on their socials for news and updates:

f statism and laying waste to internalised idolatry. Catholic guilt is one hell of a trip

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