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OF MICE & MEN | release deluxe edition of 'Echo' + share video for Sullivan King remix of 'Obsolete'

Gold-selling hard rockers Of Mice & Men - Aaron Pauley (bass + vocals), Valentino Arteaga (drums), Alan Ashby (guitar), and Phil Manansala (guitar) - have released the digital deluxe version of their seventh album Echo, which arrived in autumn 2021. The album is being released via SharpTone Records today, December 9. Get it here.

This deluxe edition comes with a twist, as the Southern California-based quartet worked with 10 different DJs to remix each song. The result is 10 newly reimagined EDM versions of the album tracks.

Today, the band has shared 'Obsolete (Sullivan King Remix)'. Watch the video, of dystopian and post-apocalyptic future,here.

"Sullivan King is a super creative and talented musician and DJ, and his ability to blend rock, metal, and EDM genres in a way that's both heavy and cohesive, is incredible. We're excited to share his remix of 'Obsolete' with you," the band says.

"I've been a fan of Of Mice & Men for over a decade and I can't even begin to say how much of an honor it was to get to work on this remix,"Sullivan King exclaims. "It truly felt so full circle to get to rock this for them and can't wait for everyone to hear it!"







Pulling Teeth


Fighting Gravity


Helplessly Hoping

Timeless (Tokyo Rose Remix)

Obsolete (Sullivan King Remix)

Anchor (Hvdes Remix)

Levee (Essenger Remix)

Bloom (Modestep Remix)

Pulling Teeth (Extra Terra Remix)

Echo (Dubloads Remix)

Helplessly Hoping (Jedah Remix)


At its best, heavy music produces songs of escape and catharsis. Few bands demonstrate this ethos as powerfully as Of Mice & Men, the multifaceted metalcore machine whose mission is to make the soundtrack for every heartbreak, melancholic rumination, and moment of triumph. It's a potent and perfect storm of elements. A bombastic and uplifting roar familiar to fans of Linkin Park; a layered crunch akin to the Deftones; thrashing old school riffage a la Slayer and Exodus; the sensual atmosphere of Sade or Radiohead; swirled into a singular sound uniquely OM&M.

Across a half-dozen studio albums, the group's combination of crowd-moving breakdowns, staccato rhythms, and soaring melodic vocals bridged the gap from the underground to the world at large. Their songs catapulted them onto massive tours with Linkin Park and Rise Against (2015); Slipknot (2016); and Five Finger Death Punch and In Flames (2017).

At every turn, no matter what obstacles presented themselves, the four men at the Of Mice & Men core since 2016 never lost sight of the strength of their connection to the audience or each other. They refocused and persevered at every turn, delivering massive anthems that work in the most intimate of punk clubs, the biggest of European festivals, and American rock radio formats alike. It's all about the songs themselves and what they mean to people at the end of the day. The music of Of Mice & Men begins as something deeply personal shared among the quartet. Once they're turned loose, they take on new meaning, adding to the soundtrack of people's lives.


Aaron Pauley — Bass + Vocals

Valentino Arteaga — Drums

Alan Ashby — Guitar

Phil Manansala — Guitar

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