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Palaye Royale’s Fever Dream tour reviewed

picture by Orla Joyce

Palaye Royale’s Fever Dream tour continued as they hit the stage of Londons Hammersmith Eventim Apollo, but the show almost didn’t go on.

The European leg of the world tour included four UK dates, hitting up iconic venues such as Barrowland in Glasgow, Hammersmith’s Eventim Appolo, the academy Manchester and wrapping up in Wolverhampton’s the Steel Mill. Wall to wall dates across Europe before arriving in the UK ended up taking its toll on the three brothers. Remington Leith (lead singer) and Sebastian Danzig (guitarist) were hit with an illness, almost resulting in the Manchester and London shows being cancelled. However, the shows did go on, the only alteration being Remington Leith had to forego the VIP upgrades.

The experience of the Hammersmith attendees got off to a rocky start, as a result of production delays. Both silver and gold VIP package holders were left waiting over 2 hours after the original time allocated. This setback then resulted in changes to both VIP upgrades and General Admission entry being pushed back almost an hour. However, despite these delays, the original stage times for the support and main act were not impacted. Glam Rock band Starbenders opened the night as the first of two support acts. Their high level of enthusiasm was exactly what a cold and weary crowd needed to get in the concert spirit. It can be tough to engage a crowd who isn’t familiar with your band particularly when there have been delays in entering the venue. The visually captivating Starbenders did their best to own the stage and even pulled off some successful crowd participation.

picture by Orla Joyce

Next on the lineup was Yonka and if the crowd wasn’t warmed up by Starbenders, it would have been impossible to stand still during Yonka. Bursting onto the stage the rock band from Brighton truly shook off any cobwebs that may have been clinging to the crowd. Unfortunately, their set did have to be stopped a number of times due to poor mosh pit etiquette, and people needing medical assistance. The crowd were reminded that if they see someone fall down in the pit, it's important to help them back up in order to avoid injury. Despite the pauses in their set it did not impact the band's flow and consistently picked up right where they left off. Yonka paused their set one more time in a preplanned event. Lead singer Theresa directed the Apollo’s attention to a fan who had to ask their partner a very important question. It was yes’s and happy tears all around as the pair got to enjoy the rest of their evening as a newly engaged couple.

Picture by Orla Joyce

9:20 pm finally arrived and Palaye Royale took to the stage. The curtain bearing Fever Dream was lifted to reveal a backdrop of Palaye Royale written in lights. Palaye Royale is a band known for theatrics. Lead vocalist Remington revealed the makeup for London's night to be a homage to David Bowie, paired with a black furry jacket and leather trousers. While drummer Emerson wore a top hat and corset, the rest of the band donned fabulous satin glam rock suits. Opening the night with Nightmares they started strong and kept that energy throughout, despite any illness that had infiltrated the camp. From beginning to end the night was unpredictable and chaotic. A raft was brought into the crowd twice for Remington to crowd surf, a super soaker was sprayed on the crowd and each of the brothers demonstrated their skills on the piano. Though for the most part, the setlist was fast-paced with luminescent stage production and confetti cannons there were moments of vulnerability. Towards the end of the night, Emerson (drummer) took to the piano for Remington to do a cutback version of Oblivion’ leaving many people emotional. Overall the headliners performed like true professionals with stellar showmanship. Though unwell Remington's voice carried and survived the show. Had the crowd not already been informed there would be no way to tell a number of those on stage were sick. If there were any mishaps behind the scenes they were covered up well and didn’t impact the overall performance. In terms of sound quality and production for Palaye Royale’s set on the night, it’s hard to fault anything. Security and stewards had their heads in the game with a constant flow of water from the barrier and attending to those in need of assistance.

picture by Orla Joyce

As of today Palaye Royale has also just announced they will be back this side of the pond to play download festival in June.

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