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Return to Dust, have today released their latest single, "When You Look At Me" & dirty music video!

The acclaimed grunge trio, Return to Dust, have today released their latest single, "When You Look At Me" via Jim Kaufman Productions.

Fans can listen to the track HERE, and watch the brand new video directed by Matt Akana HERE or at the link below.

"Return to Dust incapsulate everything I love about the grunge era and those big guitars and dark vocals without it sounding regurgitated, tired or old" - Nikki Smash

Delving into the haunting depths of growing up in an abusive household, "When You Look At Me" marks a bold new chapter of unfiltered authenticity for the band. Confronting difficult themes with unflinching honesty, all while carrying a message of resilience and healing, this latest single captures Return to Dust's dedication to their craft and their willingness to tackle profound issues.

Earning a phenomenal 2 million TikTok views over the course of a weekend, see HERE, Return to Dust have soared to new heights. The TIkTok featuring the band's single, "Belly Up" swiftly impacted the band's trajectory - leading to a spot on Welcome To Rockville 2024, over 1.6 million total streams, 65K Spotify Monthly Listeners, and 4 million total TikTok views. As the year comes to an end, Return to Dust have truly cemented their position as a rising force in the industry.

Speaking on today's release, co-vocalist and bassist Graham Stanush shares:

""When You Look at Me" is a time-piece that unfortunately captures a very specific scene in homes across the globe. Its sludgy nature and story-like lyricism highlights what it feels like to be the child in an abusive household. It was a chance for me to shed light on something I’ve kept close to my chest for a long time, and wasn’t until both my parents’ passing, and years after, that I felt comfortable sharing.The song and New Music Video speaks for itself in that regard."

Sharing insight as the director of the video, Matt Akana continues:

"When You Look At Me is an incredibly personal song to Graham and the band, so we really wanted to capture the depth of that emotion in this video. We tried to convey the feelings of neglect and the destruction of innocence that come with being trapped in an unloving and abusive home, but also wanted to show that the pain and frustration of being in that situation can be used to push you towards something positive."

Following their triumphant sold-out EP release show, Return to Dust's momentum remains unwavering. Recognized and celebrated by rock impresario, Allison Hagendorf, their single "Losing Faith" took the spotlight on an episode of "The Allison Hagendorf Show's" Sound Advice. The band's remarkable journey continues to gain traction and acclaim, solidifying themselves as mavericks in the current rock resurgence.

Further adding to their accolades, Matt Pinfield featured the band on KLOS' "New And Approved", and continues to share his support of the band. In the eyes of the Power Hour host, Return to Dust are held to a high regard:

"Return to Dust are one of the most exciting bands I’ve heard and seen live in a long time. The spirit of 90’s Seattle with the urgency of that city’s youth today, makes them a welcome and much needed addition to the current rock landscape."

Return to Dust, who are heavily inspired by the legendary Alice In Chains, have already cultivated a reputation in the local Los Angeles music scene before the release of their debut EP, "The Black Road" produced by none other than Jim Kaufman (Everclear, Danny Worsnop, Night Riots, Helmet). With their dynamic presence on TikTok, a rapidly growing streaming audience, and a loyal fan base, the band is gearing up for an exciting and promising future. Stay tuned for what Return to Dusthas in store, as they continue to make waves in the music scene and connect with their ever-expanding audience.

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