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Review: Arces Live at The Key Club

Some people might be superstitious but other are just a little-stitious. No matter how "stitious" Acres were, the day famous for bad luck certainly didn't deter them from getting up on that Key Club stage.

Mouth Culture opened the show and hit the ground running, bringing the energy that was needed to get the crowd going. They didn't stop for the whole set performing banger after banger. Lead vocalist Jack Voss followed in the footsteps of many of those who have taken the Key Club stage before him, by hanging off the pipe above his head.

There was dancing, mosh pits and crowd engagement to boot! There was no denying Mouth Culture understood the assignment.

Next up was Lastelle. In my own personal opinion, the set was a bit lacking. Musically the band were great and brilliant musicians. However, for the majority of the set vocalist Adam Rigozzi sang with his back to the crowd. Usually, a fun element of a set is when a band member gets into the crowd to perform. On this occasion though it fell a little flat. That could have had something to do with the crowd as it didn't form a circle around him it more just made space. This could have been an opportunity for a mosh pit to get going but it just didn't. There had been pits for Mouth Culture and Acres, when it came to their turn so perhaps there was a call to action missing. It felt like he was singing to the band more often than the crowd. The vocals couldn't be faulted, and they are a very dynamic band. But between having his back to everyone and little crowd interaction other than standing down off the stage I found their set disappointing.

Any feelings of unsurety regarding how the rest of the night would go disappeared once Acres took to the stage. The crowd were invited to get as close to the stage as possible and from then on the room was bouncing. The set was diverse and well formulated having a good mix of old and new, including the absolute banger that is Nothing.

For people who may have never been to an Acres show, or hadn't heard their music before it was definitely a great introduction to the band. It is also clear the band get on stage to have the time of their lives. Much like the atmosphere at the New Blood Tour the previous night, the chemistry and energy from the band on stage was once again, contagious.

Not only was a killer set something celebrate it was also drummer, Matthew Hiscock's, birthday! A cake and candles was brought on stage and he was serenaded by band crowd with a rendition of 'Happy Birthday'.

Rating: 7/10

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