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Review: New Blood Tour

Eight dates. Four Bands. Two halves. One night to remember. Down For Life Music has knocked it out of the park with this tour. It's also a great way to find some fresh bands for your playlists.

The New Blood Tour kicked off on Thursday the 12th of October in Leeds' iconic Key Club. The lineup includes Lightwave, Crushed by Waves, Two Year Break and Royals.

Lightwave opened this night and set the pace for the evening. It's no easy task to open a show and pull the energy up on a Thursday but they killed it and had the whole room bouncing. Tom Guildford (bassist from Royals) joined them on stage for Grudge

and showed off his screaming skills.

Next up were Crushed By Waves which saw lead vocalist Aaron Prime jumping into the crowd and getting a moshpit going. There was a symbiotic relationship between the band and the crowd as each fed off the other's energy and just had the room alight. Their ability to give their absolute all to a performance is commendable and the crowd seemed to have just as much fun as they did.

Going from strength to strength Royals were up next and had the task of maintaining the electricity, they did not disappoint! They even performed two of their latest singles, DayDreamer and Crazy for the first time to an excited crowd who sang them back. Samantha Bower from Lightwave joined them to sing Circles, whose voice was a perfect match for the song. Once again the fun that was being had on stage was reciprocated by the crowd.

Finally, Two Year Break were up to close the show and they smashed it! From beginning to end the energy never wavered, and the bar had been set fairly high. Luke Smithson (lead vocalist for Royals) also joined them on stage for Double Life. There was a camaraderie between the bands that shone through bringing a familial atmosphere. Everyone, band and patron were there to have a night of midweek fun and the tour supplied this.

Though the Key Club isn't an arena the calibre of performance from all bands proved they could have been playing to thousands of people and would have drawn the same level of energy.

There are still four dates left of the tour with tickets available for Nottingham, Southhampton and Bournmouth. If you can, we here at Riff Yard highly recommend heading down to one of the shows, it's £10 well spent.

We also caught up with all the bands, be sure to check out our interviews on our YouTube channel.

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