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Riff Yard Radio: #2

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Riff Yard Radio is back! Check out this weeks episode discovering some killer new tracks from all genres.


Who would you like to hear on our show? Let us know in the comments!

Code Orange – Take Shape Feat Billy Corgan

Our first RYM Track of the week – taken from the upcoming record ‘The Above' out Sep 29th

See our full article here:

The 69 Eyes – Aloha From hell (Tribute to The Cramps) – Gav

Chosen by RYM Gav, Finish gothic rockers The 69 Eyes have just released this stunning tribute to The Cramps with Aloha From Hell.

In This Moment – The Purge – Nat Taylor

Chosen by RYM Nat Taylor this was a suprising track for me, It’s got this metalcore, trap, industrial vibe going on full of phat riffs and the production is slamming crank it up this is another ripper!

Jason Aldean – Try That In A Small Town

Right, here is the highly controversial track by Jason Aldean, now the woke far left extremist media are pulling this song as a hateful racist track trying to induce violence and if you honestly think that you need your head checking and you should probably go and evaluate some aspects of your life. Here is the fantastic Country/Pop/Rock track by the killer bad ass Jason Aldean.

Kezia Gill – Misfit

What is there to say about Kezia Gill? She has been pushing and grinding away for over a decade and people have finally woken up to her brilliant voice and story telling songwriting. Here is the hottest UK Country/Americana artist right now Kezia Gill with her track Misfit, the title track for her latest record that’s just come out. Make sure you listen to the record and get tickets for her October tour!

Georgia Train – Eat Your Meat

Without a doubt one of the best song writers of the last 15years in the UK and the world to be honest, Georgia Train’s latest single ‘Eat Your Meat’ is this perfect synergy of Tori Amos meets Bjork with a modern ethereal edge, this is take from her new record PUNCTURE coming out Set 15th head over to her Instagram where you can pre-order limit numbered physical copies.

RXPTRS – The World On My Tongue

This band seemingly came out of nowhere for me and I’ll be honest I judged a book by it’s cover and put off listening to them. I Saw they were playing some sweet festivals so I listened to this latest track from them and thought “oh man, I’ve been missing out this is sick!”

Black Coast – Chains

Black Coast are a no B/S band that are on the up and I sent Dunc to their show to review and take some snaps make sure you check out the review and pix and catch the lads out on the road this summer.

The Fallen State – Bleed The Freak

I love this band, TFS are the epitome of hard working don’t give up. These boys have had their share of difficulties and they come out firing and I respect that so much. They’re a UK rock/metal band with a real story to tell and it’s inspiring to listen to it. Here is a re-imaged cover of the Alice In Chains classic ‘Bleed The Freak’. Make sure you catch them on the rest of their UK tour. Have you already seen them? Let us know!

Edge of Paradise – Hologram – Master of Wine

Edge of Paradise latest record ‘Hologram’ with their title track and a great record and the vocals are so interesting check out the new record that’s just dropped at of July 14th.

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