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RIFF YARD RADIO #5 - Hosted by Nikki Smash feat: Core Of iO, ASHEN, Corinne Bailey Rae, Jack Foz +

Core Of iO - The Things I Should Have Said - from the new E.P Part I: iO' which is out Friday 8th September. This is also our Track of the Week!

Hell’s Addiction - Upside Down - Released on 28th July, 2nd single from upcoming album 9 o clock horses from Leicester based band hell's addiction. Inspired by the Netflix series stranger things and you can pre order the album now plus awesome merch bundles check out their socials

Deathfiend - Rise From Decay - Deathfiend are playing Bloodstock TODAY at 17:00 over on the Jagermeister Stage. This track is from their stunning debut BEYOND LIFE.

Georgia Train - Got A Lot To Lose - taken from the new record ‘Puncture’ out 15th September.

Corinne Bailey Rae - New York Transit - from the brilliant new record ‘BLACK RAINBOWS’ which is out 15th September

Delaire The Lair - Angel Number - One of the most exciting rock bands coming up at the moment. Just a great sound, wonderful musicianship. This has an absolutely beautiful video. taken from our new EP ‘SELF DEFENCE’ which will be released on 01.09.23 via Rude Records.

Jack For - Millennial Waste Of Air - the former Solar Strides frontman is solo with a different sound. Influnces from 80s synth rock and singer songwriters like Sam Fender.

Royal Blood - Pull Me Through - Taken from the new record Back to the Water Below' out 8th September. I cannot wait for this record.

Dogstar - Breach - the second single from Keanu Reeves rock outfit. He’s playing the bass and there is some nice playing here. Inface the whole record is good. It’s got a coo vibe and it’s honest in the songwriting which I love! This is from the new record ’Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees’ out October 6th!

ASHEN with a cover of Nirvana's Smell Like Teen Spirit..... this could be controversial but I DIG IT!

ASHEN - NOWHERE! Killer band that I love right now here is their best track in my opinion and double closer from the French powerhouse. This is Frances BEST band!

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