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RIFF YARD RADIO #8 - Hosted by Nikki Smash featuring Noel Gallagher, Panic! At The Disco & The Exies

Listen to the show here and make sure you hit follow!

This week hosted by Nikki Smash we're jumping into artist such as Noel Gallagher, Panic! At The Disco & The Exies, Big Wreck, Georgia Train & Princess Goes!

First up is our Track of the Week which is The Exies reimagined version of their come back track "Spirits High". Proving once again the genius of Scott Stevens and how writers like Scott are able to hear songs in different ways. This is beautiful version of the "Spirits High" and the lyrics are delivered slightly differently and take on a whole new angle.

Noel Gallagher has just dropped what I think is his finest most complete record ever. Council Skies. Just incredible writing, production & musicianship. I think it's contender for record of the year. This is one of my favourite tracks of the record "Open the door, see what you find". The string arrangement is stunning.

sticking with this theme I want to go back to the last Panic! At The Disco record "Viva Las Vengeance" and similar to Noel's record, Brendon Urie is a god damn genius and I was lucky enough to catch Brendon & Panic! at the O2 earlier this year for the last week of the last tour and it was one of the best shows I've ever witnessed simply stunning from start to finish. This record is brilliant, incredible writing and musicianship it's all recorded to tape there's not cutting and autotune what you hear is all pure proving just how amazing Brendon Urie is he's playing all the drums on this record, some guitars and of course the vocals it's really influenced from bands like Queen, E.L.O but also some 90's indie rock this is "All By Yourself".

I think you're starting to hear a theme hear with todays show and I think this is my best show I've done to date! Daniel Johns, on my of idols as is Brendon Urie and Scott Stevens and I think this show is purely going to be me waxing lyrical about my idols. Daniel Johns of Silverchair is another genius and we are going to look at his last solo record "Futurenever" which had a brilliant PR campaign and I managed to snap up one of the limited edition vinyls. This particular track "Reclaim Your Heart" Johns is also playing the drums as well as piano and guitars his voice pouring out with emotion.

Up next is more etherial sounding music and this time from Ian Thornley and Big Wreck and the track "Haunted" off the 7.3 E.P. This is a beautiful song the lyrics are like taking arrows to the heart and they've delivered with no less than world class musicianship from Ian. This song and the production really floods over you extremely powerful and thought provoking like most of todays show!

Now one of my favourite songwriters of all time Georgia Train is about to drop a new record on 15th September called "Puncture". This track is called "Animal Clad" and I think this is one of the best ever from Georgia. Her vision to be able to take songs in different directions without it being jarring blows my mind. Make sure you pre-order/save the new record out in just few weeks!

I'm going to leave you with the latest single from dark electro-pop band "Princess Goes" fronted by Michael C. Hall who you may be most familia with as Dexter the lovable serial killer killer! He's not new to the world of music having spent most of his life making music and also fronted a David Bowie tribute act when Dexter first finished. I'll be doing a special on actors who have made the jump into the music industry over on our Rumble & Youtube channels so make sure you keep a look out for that! Michael has a really cool voice it has strong echoes of 90's Brit-pop bands like Pulp, Suede. This is Princess Goes with Blur.

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