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Riff Yard Radio eps #3 with Nat Taylor - featuring Ghost, Chris Stapleton, Tailgunner and more.

Welcome to another episode of the Riff Yard Radio! With tracks from all genres, this week it’s Nat Taylor’s turn to host.


Who would you like to hear on our show? Let us know in the comments!

Tracks played this week:

Leather n Lace - Indya

First up today is Leather n Lace by Indya. Fronted by Laudez Rose - they’re a UK based band that Nikki - head honcho at Riff Yard - winged over to me for a listen earlier this week , after the news of their sophomore album charting at number 12 in the Rock Album charts in Germany and featuring in Top 40 Rock chart in the UK.

Stay (Feat Patrick Wilson - Ghost

A track of the week from fellow Riffer Gav AKA Gav the gothic chav - the choice probably comes as no surprise with a cover of Stay, featuring Patrick Wilson by Swedish rock band Ghost. Originally a 1992 hit for Shakespears Sister, this is a pretty beautiful and haunting cover and as a fan of 80s and 90s classics, I'm partial to a reimagined cover or two. After seeing them at Download, I am a convert. Thanks Claire.

Rotten Romance - Bloody Heels

I think I'm obsessed with this band, that for me this is a pure driving on a summer's day with the windows down song - the production, the tight sound, the choruses, just love ‘em. I owe this one to Tosh who sent this track my way in the summer of 2022. They’ve got new music coming so go check them out.

White Horse - Chris Stapleton

My Track of The Week. There’s something about Chris’s voice that just absolutely captures my dark little rock heart, always room for a bit of country!

This will feature on his new album ‘Higher’ due for release 10th November which you can pre-order now.

Runnin’ - Mikey Ball and The Company

So next up, this one was literally brought to my attention as I was prepping this podcast, shout out to Gordon Kimber for the share of Mikey Ball & The Company’s “Runnin’” after the release of the accompanying new music video last week. A 4 and a half minute beauty that chugs along about escapism with Mikey himself having quoted it was “one of the most fun songs to record… and the inspiration behind it is the romantic, cinematic idea that you find someone, and you just run for the border”.

Pretty sure you’ll be hearing from them a lot in the coming year at more festivals and gigs across the UK.

Voices - Rev Theory

Voices is a new single that I’ve come across this week and was a nice throwback since the first time I heard them was around 10 years ago where someone had used their song Hell Yeah as an accompaniment to a fan made IOM TT video.

Whilst I do like this new track, Rev Theory will always be ‘Hell Yeah’ to me but I am looking forward to hearing more new stuff and i’ll be going back over the last ten years to see what I missed as i spotted a few albums that i have not heard - if they make it into your collection after today - let me know!

Sorry Not Sorry (with Slash) - Demi Lovato

This is a wild card for me… I actually really like this and it’s not someone I would have usually gone out of my way to listen to but it popped up on my release radar and as it said ‘featuring Slash’, I had to give it a go. I’m actually pleasantly surprised by this Demi Lovato track. Whilst vocally it’s not one of my favourite voices, I do really enjoy the way it compliments the sound of the song and it’s well produced. The unmistakable noodling of Slash obviously adds to it for me and I do enjoy the heavy undertones. Basically I’m already singing along after two listens so it’s definitely sticking in my head. Reminds me of when Fergie joined forces with Slash and that surprised me too.

Post Traumatic Blues - Corey Taylor

Another new track this week just released and it’s on today’s podcast as I just secured tickets for his stint over in the UK in November, just over a year after I caught him at the London Palladium. This is the new track Post Traumatic Blues from the upcoming album CMFT2 from Corey Taylor. I have to admit I am a huge fan of Mr Taylor, despite his marmite likeness in the rock and metal industry, but you absolutely can’t deny his musicianship and determination. Let me know on the socials if you’re heading out to see the tour later this year!

Guns For Hire - Tailgunner

I’ve been banging on about this band for the last few weeks after seeing them as support at KK’s Steel Mill in Wolverhampton (one of the best music venues in the UK, by the way). They preceded the legendary Maiden vocalist Paul Di’Anno and KK’s Priest and for a support band, that place was packed. Their sound is homage to the early years of the NWOBHM, and if you close your eyes, you could almost time travel. Having also caught them at Call of the Wild Festival, I’m happy to feature the track Guns for Hire by the new to British metal scene, Tailgunner.

One More Shot At Glory - KK’s Priest

Anthemic, instantly recognisable 80s’esque riffs from K.K. Downing absolutely shine through that powerhouse of a song - and Judas Priest as a sound collective were not really one of my preferred bands to listen to so I'm really enjoying this evolution of the living British heavy metal legend and his band. Check out their debut album Sermons of the Sinner and look out for them as they are set to be touring extensively ahead of upcoming new labrum The Sinner Rides Again.

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