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Rising Americana Star Emilia Quinn Reveals a Mesmerising Live Rendition of Beloved Fan Favourite "Head Rush"

Rising Americana Star Emilia Quinn Reveals a Mesmerizing Live Rendition of Beloved Fan Favourite "Head Rush"

UK indie label w21Records is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Emilia Quinn's latest single, "Head Rush (Blues Version) - Live," set to drop on February 23, 2024. Originally featured on her award-nominated EP "Medicate" in 2022, "Head Rush" has evolved into a staple in Emilia’s electrifying live sets. The reimagined, blues-infused masterpiece was recorded live with her band on stage at The Hare and Hounds in Kingsheath, Birmingham during her "Wanderlust and Breaking Rules" debut headline tour in November 2023.

Emilia Quinn

Emilia Quinn's unmistakable voice, characterized by its powerful and raw quality, defies conventions within the Americana genre. The new single captures the essence of her dynamic performances, showcasing the vibrant force she brings to the world of roots music. The live recording at The Hare and Hounds adds an electrifying dimension, providing listeners with an immersive experience of Quinn's captivating stage presence.

"Head Rush (Blues Version) - Live" was meticulously mixed by John W Doyle and mastered by Ben Pike of Rare Tone Mastering, ensuring that every nuance of Emilia's exceptional talent on stage is brought to the forefront.

Reflecting on her debut headline tour, Emilia said: "Listening to these live recordings allows me to relive the experience of my first headline tour and it was absolutely magical. Carrying on the theme of capturing the live sound essence from the Wanderlust & Breaking Rules album, I am so pleased to be releasing a series of songs recorded from the tour set to share the experience. Head Rush has had new life breathed into it through this version and I hope my listeners love it as much as I do"

Emilia Quinn stands as a vibrant force in the realm of Americana music, crafting a distinct path within the genre's fabric. Her husky vocals serve as the vessel for storytelling, each song a journey through her soul, delivered with astonishing honesty. From anthems of unapologetic bravado to tender ballads that tug at heartstrings, Quinn's music creates a dynamic experience that resonates deeply with audiences worldwide.

For those seeking authenticity and passion in music, Emilia Quinn is a compelling artist to experience – her music speaks volumes, inviting audiences to delve into her compelling narrative.

"Head Rush (Blues Version) - Live" will be available on all major streaming platforms on February 23, 2024.

Check out our interview with Emilia here:

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