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Stone Angels release their sweeping new single ‘Where The Crows Fly’

Heavy brooding, rock n’ rollin’ Stone Angels release their sweeping new single ‘Where The Crows Fly’ available now on all digital platforms. The band state with a steely-eyed charm, “We took inspiration from those who stand up to bullies who have underestimated what you can achieve. In the end, the only person who can hold you back is yourself.” Like a crack of electrical energy in an ominous sky, the track starts with the mother of all bangs and what better way to announce the return of the band with a hard-hitting anthem for anyone who has ever been written off or forgotten about.

Coming at you from the vibrant cornucopia of the ever-expanding music scene in Brighton, this is a band that is creating its own storm in venues across the UK. They have shared the stage with Hot Milk, InMe, Skindred and recently wowed at the inaugural Pride Rock Festival in their hometown with Brighton and Hove News proclaiming, “Twin guitars spitting fire and a rhythm section that strikes like lightning, they deliver a seven-song set that quickly stokes the crowd into a warming frenzy.” Spawned in 2011 the band soon set out their own manifesto, pulling inspiration from the classic LA rock, Seattle's iconic grunge and legendary UK rock, whilst still offering a very fresh take on the classic rock genre, creating their own cocktail of adrenaline fueled rock.

The band is currently wrapping up their explosive second album, “We actually began recording demos in the summer of 2018 and started shaping and bringing to life our songs, then the pandemic struck. Initially, like everyone else, we were frustrated about having to put our lives on hold, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise to have more time to make the best album we possibly can.” This turn of events led to working with multi-platinum award-winning producer Mike Krompass (Steven Tyler, Theory Of A Deadman), recording at his state-of-the-art studio Base Culture UK Yorkshire and mastering duties by the legendary Tim Turan (Soundgarden, Guns n’ Roses).

The riff slingers stormed out of the underground with their debut album ‘Give in to Temptation’, which flaunts eleven burning beacons of ballsy hard rock. The single ‘Can You?’ rang in the ears of Team Rock & Kerrang radio listeners and boasts over a million streams on Spotify. Armed with a flurry of sledgehammer riffs, colossal choruses, and unabashed wailing solos, the album was a game-changer for these good time rock ‘n’ rollers. With their aforementioned 2nd album to be fully announced and more singles and live shows, a flightful future is upon Stone Angels.

"This is a huge step up for the Brighton rockers, bigger sound, bigger hooks, bigger riffs. The crow is going to fly to the top of the mountain!" - Nikki Smash

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