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EP Review: The Blood Republic - Take Back Control

The Blood Republic released their new EP on September 29th, and brand new single and title track Take Back Control. Music fans should prepare their eardrums because they will take you on a ride.

From the second the EP starts the listener is pulled in, it evokes a sense of emotional intrigue and a hunger to hear where this journey is going. The band's sound is predominantly grunge rock. However, elements of alternative rock and heavy metal, as well as a plethora of cross genre influences are noticeable on the record.

The Blood Republic manages to combine killer guitar riffs with beautiful melodies and harmonies. Despite there only being four tracks it contains all the depth and progression of an LP. The title track Take Back Control oozes 90s and 00s grunge nostalgia with superb vocals. While the track Need Some Time is softer and portrays a more vulnerable side while staying well rooted in the rock genre.

The second half exhibits a heavier side, with masterfully written guitar riffs. The band knows how to make every individual element of their songs shine on their own. While also creating seamless compositions. Each track has its own personality, but the dynamic playing of drums on the up coming single Escape it All is perfection.

This rock band has demonstrated their creative and artistic ingenuity with this four track EP. On first listen the best advice would be to tune everything out, just sit and listen to each song track by track and truly enjoy this piece of music. Music fans will get the first taste of what's to come on July 28th with the release of their single Escape it All.

Follow the band on Socials below, and pre-save the upcoming single on Spotify.

Orla Joyce


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