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The Blood Republic Unleashes Powerful 2nd Single "Hollow" from Upcoming EP "Take Back Control"

The Blood Republic Unleashes Powerful 2nd Single "Hollow" from Upcoming EP "Take Back Control"

"Gargantuan, rambunctious and socially on point. This is my favourite artist of 2023!" - NIkki Smash

After getting playlisted by Spotify's editorial team and being played on BBC Radio 1 with their first single from their upcoming EP. London based rock band The Blood Republic is set to shake things up with their highly anticipated 2nd single, "Hollow" on August 18th, the second release from their upcoming four-track EP titled "Take Back Control" which is set for release on September 29th. Drawing inspiration from iconic bands like Queens Of The Stone Age, Nirvana and Soundgarden.

"Hollow" is a song full of raw, distorted energy that captures the essence of defiance and self-discovery. The lyrics delve into the internal struggle of resisting conformity and societal pressures. The protagonist is grappling with the desire to break free from the constraints of expectations and norms, seeking a path that leads to authenticity and individuality. The repeated refrain, "Why'd you become so damn hollow," reflects a sense of disappointment in succumbing to superficial influences, while the determination to "get to tomorrow" and not "follow the trend" emphasizes the importance of forging a unique identity. The song's pulsating rhythm and intense delivery mirror the urgency and intensity of the journey to reclaim one's true self amidst a world that often demands conformity.

The band's front-man Zak Müller says: "This song is my outcry against the pressures and expectations that can hollow us out if we're not careful. It's a rebellion against the tide of conformity and a reminder that there's more to life than just following trends. 'Why'd you become so damn hollow' is a question I ask not just to the listeners, but also to myself. We all have moments where we feel like we're losing sight of who we truly are. Through this song, I wanted to capture that struggle and the determination to break free. It's a loud proclamation that we're not at the end, that there's still a tomorrow where we can choose authenticity over imitation."

The EP "Take Back Control" is poised to be a game-changer for The Blood Republic. The remaining tracks on the EP promise to offer a compelling range of emotions and an exploration of the band's musical versatility. Fans can expect a bold sonic landscape that pushes boundaries and leaves a lasting impact on their auditory senses.

"Hollow" is available from August 18th on all major streaming platforms, accompanied by a raw and quirky music video that presents a more playful side of the band's personality.

Stay tuned for more updates from The Blood Republic by following them on social media and visiting their official website.

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