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The Hoosiers are back with their first Album in 8 years.

After 8 long years, the Hoosiers make their return with their brand new album Confidence. The new album has that iconic Hoosiers sound that a listener can pinpoint in a sea of pop-rock/alternative records

the first single released from the album is Hello Sunshine, and it is highly reminiscent of their debut album, The Trick to Life. However, the band have already proven they are not about the cookie cutter life and have demonstrated their ability to diversify their sound.

“It sounds like what a Hoosiers album would sound like if we’d come out in 2023” Vocalist Irwin Sparks says. "It’s a sonic shot of optimism, effervescence and joie de vivre.”The band have described this album as their "Lockdown baby". Like many artists, they managed to turn a tough time of fear and anxiety into a creative outlet. The band have continued this creativity and are currently halfway through writing their 6th studio album.

Confidence is out now, available in all good record shops and streaming platforms.

The Hoosiers are heading out on tour at the end of the month kicking it off on the 22nd of September in Durham. Full List of dates below.

Sept 22 Durham

Sept 28 Bristol (Sold Out)

Sept 29 Leeds (Sold Out)

Sept 30 Sheffield

Oct 1 Newcastle

Oct 2 Glasgow

Oct 3 Manchester

Oct 5 London

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