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Top 5 bands you cannot miss at 2000 Trees 2023

This week we see the return of one of, if not THE BEST rock festival in the UK - ‘2000 Trees’. You can experience 4 days of some incredible rock, punk, alt & metal bands held at Upcote Farm in Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. What I personally love about ‘trees’ is it’s not too big and it’s not too small. It happily rivals all the huge monster festivals but it’s not trying to copy them. 2000 trees are simply doing their own thing, excellent!

The UK has a problem with rock festivals at the moment where it seems everyone is putting on small to medium festivals and making it over saturated, especially when they're using the same 5 bands from the NWOCR and putting them on rotation. This leaves a lot to be desired in terms of promoting new artists and making the whole experience even more cost effective in the current climate; anyway that discussion is for another time and place.

This particular article lists the top 5 artists you HAVE to see this week! Make sure you read until the end as there might be a bonus act if you muster it!

In no particular order:

1. Rival Schools; the New York post hardcore heroes are back 22 years after releasing one of the best records of 2001 ‘United By Fate’. This is a band that holds great memories for me and what an incredible record that is, it’s rare that a record has aged so well. Make sure you catch these guys and get familiar with their back catalog.

2. Tigercub; the Brighton alt-rock grunge three piece have just released their colossal third record ‘The Perfume of Decay’ - RYM and I are huge supporters of these guys. They have a unique sound and they deliver it beautifully live. You cannot miss this power trio, make sure you check out their huge monster of a track ‘Stop Beating on My Heart (Like a Bass Drum)’ from their second full length ‘As Blue As Indigo’.

3. RXPTRS; Gargantuan British 5 piece are a modern rock band full of visceral lyrics, powerful riffs, and high-octane energy. These lads are a band that is not messing about and have been pushing themselves on the rock n roll road for a few years. Their seasoned performances are well worth checking out, you won’t know where to look - so don’t miss them. They’ve just released their colossal new single ‘The World on My Tongue’.

4. Jamie Lenman; In my eyes he is British rock royalty, he stood on the frontlines of alt-rock with his band ‘Reuben’ and for over the last decade has been a solo outfit releasing a brilliant array of music. I was lucky enough to see Reuben twice live and they’re still some of my favourite ever shows. Jamie is a powerhouse song writer and formidable at releasing great records. His latest offerings are 2022’s full length ‘The Atheist’ and latest EP ‘Iknowyouknowiknow’ which are stunning creatively and musically. Do NOT miss Jamie Lenman. You won’t ever be able to sleep at night knowing you didn’t see him live.

5. Big Spring; another killer outfit from Brighton. The riff alt-rock 4 piece have been slogging away since forming in 2015 and as someone who lived in Brighton for over 15 years, I can say it’s over saturated with college bands and artists, Big Spring are one of the best bands around and absolutely kill it live. You must go check them out and make sure you add their 2017 banger ‘Come Down’ to your Spotify playlist!

6. A bonus artist I thought you should check out; South London 3 piece ‘Press To Meco’. Exceptional musicianship from these lads, with them all fronting vocal duties respectively, they come with a truck load of energy and conviction, Riffs? Check. Great hooks & harmonies? Check. I recommend you crank up ‘A Quick Fix’ from their 2018 ripper of a record ‘Here’s to the Fatigue’. Sadly, this going to be their last ever show Wednesday at 18:00 on the Forrest Stage.

I hope you enjoy this killer selection of bands from 2000 Trees this week, get acquainted with their back catalogs and become their newest biggest fans!

Huge love

Nikki Smash

Riff Yard Media


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