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Review: The Hunna in Huddersfield

Watford Rockers The Hunna are touring the UK to mark the anniversary of their fourth studio album, self-titled The Hunna. The band kicked off their whopper 16 date headline tour in Norwich and we here at Riff Yard caught their Huddersfield date on the 2nd of November.

The band have brought Sick Joy and Band of Silver along for the tour, which includes several sold out shows. Unfortunately due to illness, Band of Silver could not play the Huddersfield date but thankfully everyone in the camp seems to be healthy again, maybe next time. That did mean that Sick Joy were not only kicking off the night but were the only support. The pressure was on them to get the crowd as warmed up as possible and they managed to pull it off, they owned the stage. Having both members at the front of the stage really brought everything together, despite the venue size it felt more cosy and personal. They performed their latest single 'Hypodermic Sunshine', produced by Nothing But Thieves very own Dom Craik. Frontman Mykl Barton described the song has described it as:

"A kind of messed up love song". messed up love song or not it went down a treat in Huddersfield.

Now for the main event, The Hunna! They opened the show with the absolute banger that is 'We Could Be'. If the crowd needed any more cobwebs to be blown off them that song would have done it. The setlist was eclectic, although the tour was celebrating their latest album they made sure to show previous albums a lot of love. With a growing discography fine tuning a setlist must be getting harder and harder. But fear not, they kept in fan favourites like 'Bonfire' and 'She's Casual'. The energy this band brings to the stage is fantastic. Although with drum beats like those found in 'Cover You' it would be hard not to answer the call of just losing yourself in the music.

The Hunna slowed things down a bit by including an acoustic rendition of 'Lover' which had doe eyed couples embracing the romance. The chilled out pace gave the crowd a second to breathe as both the band and audience had not stopped bouncing since the start. They inched the energy back up before their penultimate song Dare, and closed the night on Trash. It was impossible to not get swept up in the atmosphere the band created. A brilliantly executed setlist that would be hard to critique. It's always heartwarming to see a crowd so responsive to a band and a band willing to throw their all into a show every single night.

If you're going to go to one more concert this year I highly recommend it be The Hunna. There are still six dates left of the tour and tickets remain for most shows, with the exception of Reading and Milton Keynes. If any of the available dates are in your neck of the woods definitely head to a show and let us know what you think!

Score: 4/5 stars


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