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TRACK OF THE WEEK! - The Exies - Spirits High (re-imagined)

TRACK OF THE WEEK! - The Exies - Spirits High (re-imagined)

The gift that keeps giving? Errrr yes it is and what a wonderful gift it is! The Exies returned earlier this year which took everyone by pleasant surprise with an incredible new song 'Spirits High' which was written as a diary piece from Scott Stevens. We have a review of 'Spirits High' on our YouTube channel HERE and I was lucky enough to catch the attention of Scott and had the pleasure of interviewing him about his career, The Exies and what the future holds which you can also watch HERE.

Scott has hinted at more music and took us all by surprise once again with this beautiful and stunning re-imagined version. The lyrics take on a whole new feel, story and delivered in a delicate manor as if Scott is tell you the story one to one.

You can listen to our Track of the Week playlist HERE we also feature Spirits High re-imagined on our latest episode of 'Riff Yard Radio' which is a podcast radio exclusively on Spotify which you can listen to HERE.

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