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True Crime Meets Music with incredible podcasters 'ICMAP'

Spotlight on ‘ICMAP’ Podcast (I Could Murder A Podcast)

ICMAP (I Could Murder A Podcast) is made of pals Tom, Ben and producer Dan as they make weekly deep dives into the mercilessly morbid, curiously creepy world of true crime. The boys will be exploring the who’s, how’s, what’s, where’s and why’s of all things strange and intriguing. From mass shooters to serial killers, to tragic events and mysteries, they will pick apart each subject looking into the red flags and motives, as well as exploring the impact and aftermath of each case.

This is one of my favorite podcast’s and not only because every episode is pure quality with the right balance of ‘light relief’ these guys are top dudes and in fact I was lucky enough to work with Tom on a video shout for my band ‘The Rocket Dolls - The Grip’. A great videographer and I remember him (back in 2019) talking about this idea he had and as a true crime fan myself I was immediately enthralled in the idea. Fast forward to 2023 and Tom and the lads are 8 seasons in, with a loyal cult fan base with weekly feature length episodes and with over 1000 patreon supports where you can have access to minisodes.

Why am I featuring this podcast? Well they have some incredible music, true crime and creepy episodes that i feel is more than worth mentioning and at Riff Yard we want to push the british creatives as much as possible and this fits the bill!

They’ve just released an incredible feature on Black Metal band ‘MAYHEM’ which is insane btw. They’ve also got episodes on ‘Ian Watkins’ ‘Michael Jackson’ to name a few so if you want to combine musicians with true crime with some good light relief comedy this is the place you need to head over to!

Give them a follow, like and subscribe.

Follow 'ICMAP' here:

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