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UK Live Music....


With live music and venues on their arse and shutting down all over the country at the moment here are a few things you the public that still go to gigs can do to help out bands, promoters, and venues, like their posters and event pages when you see them on social media, even better share them and invite your friends to the event this gets them spread around the socials a lot more.

If you're invited especially IF you are going to press the interested or even better the GOING button, a gig that looks like it’s going to be a busy one will always attract more people than one that looks like it’s gonna be dead, it literally takes a tenth of a second to do that, some band members that are playing on the bill don’t even put that they’re going

And most importantly IF your going and most know if they are going to go or not, buy your tickets in advance as promoters won’t book any more events if the ones they already have booked are selling no tickets, it’s no good saying you're going then not buying a ticket till the day before the gig, by then a lot of gigs will of been canceled, yes I know times are hard at the moment but our level of gigs are usually between £10 and £20 maximum, we’re not talking £300/ £400 a ticket.

The Stones or U2 which funnily enough those big bands and massive venues with stupid prices seem totally unaffected and still sell out while grassroots is absolutely on its arse, those bands started off in these small grassroots venues and tomorrow’s megastar bands need these venues now and in the future to get to that level. IF things don’t change soon there will be no venues left for bands to start off playing at or to play at all.

Come On Folks if you love your live music then please HELP OUT these things literally take a second to do to get them around the socials far and wide.


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