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Video: Paramore performs All I Wanted in the UK for the first time EVER!

Paramore kicked off the UK leg of their UK/IE tour in Cardiff on Saturday the 15th of April. After a long five year wait for their return the band did not disappoint fans.

A setlist full of surprises including Crystal Clear from Hayley Williams' solo album Petals For Armor and old favourites making a come back like Misery Business. But there was one song that fans were apprehensive to find out whether it made the cut. The band started the tour in Dublin and due to technical issues alterations had to be made to the setlist resulting in All I Wanted being cut.

The song has some belters in it, which lead singer Hayley Williams has not always felt comfortable enough to try out live on stage. Fans were shocked when It was added to the setlist for the first time last year for When We Were Young Festival. The song is the closing track of their 2009 album Brand New Eyes, but had gone viral last year as a TikTok sound, reawakening the love for this fan favourite.

Now that they've started to include the song in the set it looks like it's here to stay for future tours.

Orla from our team caught it's UK Debut in Cardiff on the 25/04/23. Check out the video below and let us know what you think, should this song be a Paramore Setlist staple?

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